Consultation on Scottish Schools (Parental Involvement) Act 2006 guidance update extended to 30 June 2020

If you wish to offer personal or Parent Council views on the review of the Statutory Guidance for the 2006 Act then you can do so at this link.

According to the Scottish Govt, the new (draft) guidance “explains the purpose of the legislation and the duties placed upon Education Authorities, schools and headteachers to involve and engage parents in their children’s learning and the life and work of our schools.

Unfortunately this is just an update to the statutory guidance and not an opportunity to improve the primary legislation, which remains widely viewed as not fit for purpose, and stripped parents of any actual say in the management of schools. However, as the consultation paper explains, there is a need to update the old guidance which was issued in 2007 and is now out of date.

It is impractical for the HPCP to fully canvas PCs across Highland in the current situation, but you are welcome to submit any comments you have to and we will try to provide a synthesised input to the consultation if we get sufficient input before the deadline. Meanwhile every PC can make its own submission as it sees fit.

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