Focus Group on ASN – Thursday 23 January 2020 at 1130-1330 in Inverness

  • The Focus Group is being held in Inverness, now expected to be Culloden Baptist Church, starting at 1130.
  • Please check here for confirmation of the venue or at
  • The focus group in Inverness is being facilitated by the National Parent Forum of Scotland (NPFS) to provide parents with the opportunity to share their ideas and experiences of ASL, to feedback into the Independent Review for the Scottish Government.
  • The Scottish Government is undertaking an Independent Review into Additional Support for Learning (ASL); this is being led by Angela Moran.
  • The information gathering period has been extended to allow time for more input from parents.
  • It will be an opportunity for parents to discuss ASL / ASN issues with other parents and the NPFS, with the information discussed being shared to inform the review.
  • Angela Morgan is looking for both examples of good practice and areas for further improvement in the way that children and young people with additional support needs progress in their learning.
  • More information about the review can be found on the government’s website here:
  • The information below has been copied from the above website.

The review is founded on a continued commitment to a presumption to mainstreaming and on the need to ensure that children and young people’s additional support needs are met. This will enable them to reach their full potential, with learning provision that best suits their needs.  

The review will be led by Angela Morgan.

She will consider current evidence and engage with a range of people and groups to identify good practice and areas for further improvement in the ways that children and young people with additional support needs progress in their learning.


The review will consider:

  • how ASL works in practiceacross early learning and childcare centres, primary, secondary and special schools (including enhanced provision, services and units)
  • where children and young people learn within the balance of the provision set out above, recognising that not all authority areas have all of those provisions
  • the quality of learning and support, including overall achievement and positive destinations achieved post-school
  • the different approaches to planning and assessment to meet the needs of children and young people
  • the roles and responsibilities of support staff, teaching staff, leadership role, education authorities and national agencies
  • the areas of practice which could be further enhanced through better use of current resources to support practice, staffing or other aspects of provision

More information about NPFS is here:

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