Highland Council Committee Meeting Timetable for 2018

The planned timetable for all Highland Council Committee Meetings is at this document link

Where possible the HPCP meets two to three weeks before the relevant People Committee meetings (in yellow with “PEO” on the plan): the People Committee meetings are currently planned for:

Thursday 28 January 2018; (nearest HPCP meeting will be on 28 Nov 17).
Thursday 15 March 2018; (HPCP meeting likely to be last week of Feb 18).
Wednesday 30 May 2018;  (HPCP meeting in early May 18, if needed).
Wednesday 29 August 2018; (HPCP meeting likely to be late Jun 18).
Thursday 18 October 2018; (HPCP meeting likely to be late Sep 18).
Thursday 8 December 2018; (HPCP meeting likely to be late Nov 18).

The HPCP 2018 Conference is provisionally planned for Saturday 17 Nov 18.

As this schedule has six HC People Committee meetings and the HPCP would normally only need 4 or 5 in the year, plus the annual conference, HPCP meetings may be adjusted to ensure that input is ready in time for the most important or relevant People Committee meetings (ie those with major Education issues under consideration).

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