Highland Lifestyle Survey 2017 Results

The HPCP has obtained the results of the 2017 Highland Lifestyle Survey after submitting a request to Highland Council under the Freedom of Information Act.  As far as the HPCP can determine the results have not previously been released or published; all previous survey results from 2009 (2009, 2011, 2013, 2015) had been published by Highland Council, generally early in the following year.

Highland Lifestyle survey 2017 results

The results are drawn from what appears to be an average of 3000 responses, approximately 10% of the total pupil number in Highland in 2017, submitted by pupils self-identifying as being in P7, S2 or S4.  The results can therefore be considered as a reasonably-reliable reflection of the attitudes and experiences of the whole population of pupils in the age range 10 to 16.

You should be aware that the results are used by Highland Council as part of their monitoring of Council performance against its own targets, for example in improving health and well-being, and reducing bullying.

The HPCP notes that one area of particular concern, bullying, is showing an unwelcome increase.  Almost 40% of pupils report being bullied at least once or twice in the last year, with 15% reporting multiple incidents.  All these measures have increased since 2015, with bullying in and around schools (including for example on school buses) being the most significant issue.

Pupil well-being, including issues of mental health, behaviour and bullying will be a major topic of discussion at the HPCP Conference in Inverness on Saturday 17 November 2018.

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