HPCP Functions and Organisation Proposals

The document at the link was presented at the 2017 Conference (18 Nov 17) to offer delegates the opportunity to consider if the HPCP was doing what it should be doing, and organised in a way appropriate to its aim and objectives.  The proposals do not require any changes to the HPCP Constitution.

The Conference view was that the proposals made sense and offered greater clarity on what the HPCP was seeking to achieve.  It was also felt that the proposals could be of use to Parent Councils in understanding and developing their own role(s), and how PCs could best interact with stakeholders – for example in understanding and using the different communication and influence channels available to them at local and regional or even national level.

Further feedback on the proposals is welcome, and the intention is for the document to remain a “living document”, open to revision and update as needed.


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