Information Available to Parents about Schools – “INSIGHT” Data

Information Available to Parents about Schools – “INSIGHT” Data

The data is available in parentzone, where you can search for your school and select from the three tabs available (Overview, School-level data and Archived Data) to see more information.  There is much more data available on Secondary Schools as destinations, awards etc are relevant to Senior Phase outcomes.

The data available to parents covers aspects such as:

  1. Positive destinations.
  2. Attainment in literacy and numeracy.
  3. Attainment in the context of deprivation.
  4. Overall attainment of school leavers.
  5. Awards gained by level.
  6. Attendance and absence.

At the first Parent Council meeting after the October break this should on the agenda of the PC.  Areas for discussion could include:

  1. General presentation on the above (ideally to be given by the school Senior Management Team).
  2. Identify the positives and the areas for improvement.
  3. Where is the attainment gap?
  4. How is the attainment gap being addressed in the improvement plan?
  5. Does the school have Pupil Equity Funding (PEF)?
  6. What are the spending plans for this money?
  7. How was it spent last year?
  8. How many pupils achieved no qualifications?
  9. What is the success rate of pupils who do college courses?
  10. How many pupils leave school without achieving level 3 in literacy and numeracy?
  11. Are we achieving good levels of attainment for all ability levels?
  12. Are our attendance levels impacting on pupil performance?
  13. Are achieving positive destinations for all our pupils?


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