New Strategic Committee Structure for Highland Council

In June 2017 Highland Council published its new “Scheme of Delegation and Administration to Committees and Sub-Committees and to Officers”, which you can find at 

Most matters pertaining to Primary and Secondary Education in Highland (including ASN) now sit within the remit of the “People Committee”, one of the four Strategic Committees (the other three being the “Corporate Resources Committee”, the “Places Committee” and the “Audit and Scrutiny Committee”).   The Care and Learning service department Specific Duties (ie their responsibilities) are thus set out under the “People Committee” section at page 16.

All such organisational changes tend to present both opportunities and threats, which could range from improved and/or faster decision-making through to “boundary disputes” between Strategic Committees.  Parent Council Chairs might wish to ask their school Headteachers if they are seeing any impacts (good or bad) arising from the new Strategic Committee structure, and then bring up the most important ones at the November 2017 HPCP Conference (Saturday 18 November).

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