Online Discount offer for bulk order of Chromebook Hard-shell Covers

Chromebook Covers for Dell 11-inch chromebooks model 3189.

The HPCP contacted one internet supplier of hard-shell Chromebook covers (Mcover Europe) to enquire about possible discounts for bulk orders.

Mcover has created a coupon code (highland-dl3189-50) that can be applied at the end of check out in their web store which will reduce each case from £19.99 to £15.99 for any order quantity of 50 or more cases, with an additional shipping charge between £25 and £35 for 50+ units, delivery about 2 weeks.

Orders over 500 units would get a larger discount – contact for more information.

If interested, Parent Councils and schools can see the covers at

For the avoidance of any doubt, the HPCP has no commercial or other financial relationship with Mcover Europe and is not responsible for any purchases or contract details entered into between any Parent Council, School or parent and Mcover.
We made the enquiry to see if it was possible to reduce the cost of providing a hard cover designed specifically for the chromebooks being supplied to pupils in Highland.
Do please note that the Council has supplied other models especially in the early roll-out schools, so if you are buying model-specific cases like the ones Mcover make, do check the details before ordering!

Hard-shell covers are not waterproof, so will not protect chromebooks from the rain; they protect from impact.  For all round protection in the school bag a waterproof neoprene slip cover combined with a hard-shell is likely to be the best option, neoprene covers being available for just a few pounds.

The Highland Council policy on replacing damaged chromebooks is not set in stone – genuine accidental damage will likely see a replacement chromebook provided at no cost to the pupil (but over £200 to the Council).  However, abuse or misuse by pupils is unlikely to see a no-cost replacement offered.  Pupils and Parents are asked to sign a chromebook usage policy and agreement document, but if in doubt, ask your school.

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