22 May 2018

The Highland Parent Council Partnership has a very simple privacy policy:

We collect, retain and use the bare minimum of personal data needed to enable us to communicate with Parents and Parent Councils in pursuit of the published aims and objective of the HPCP, that is, the purposes you gave us the data for.

We seek Informed Consent for holding and using personal data, and respect the rights given to all under the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR).  Subject to appropriate proof of identity, we will supply on request details of any personal data held and will delete that data either on request or when it is no longer appropriate to hold it in accordance with the GDPR provisions.

The data collected is limited to names, email addresses, postal addresses, phone numbers and the schools which you have told us you have an interest in, and comprises only that data you have consented to provide.  We may retain records (for example email conversations) required under Law, for example to remain compliant with regulations governing charities, subject to appropriate redaction.

The HPCP does not sell or market anything, and its communications are limited to the purposes of informing or consulting Parent Councils and Parents about education matters, and to communicating with other relevant stakeholders (Councillors, MSPs, Council Officers, National Parent’s Organisations, the Scottish Government, etc).  The HPCP does not share the personal data held with any third parties, but may on occasion pass on relevant information from official bodies such as the Highland Council, although this will normally be done via the HPCP website and not by direct contact with individuals.

The HPCP uses Mail Chimp to assist in maintaining up-to-date mailing lists and to track those who subscribe and/or unsubscribe to our communications so that we can remain compliant with GDPR and other regulations.