Caithness Members updated on Wick schools

Members of The Highland Council’s Caithness Committee recently welcomed an update of the Wick Associated School Group (ASG) to their committee by the Council’s Education Quality Improvement Manager, Barry Northedge.

The Wick ASG serves around 1,678 pupils in its area including 986 Primary pupils and  692 Secondary pupils.

Members were informed about a variety a school information including school websites; school and nursery inspection reports; ECO School flag awards; and placing requests. Levels of staffing, budgets, and school buildings in the Wick ASG schools were also highlighted.

Mr Northedge reported to Members that the numbers of young people leaving school and getting jobs is 14% higher in Wick than the rest of Scotland which is a significant success.  Members commended the Head Teacher of Wick High School, Dr. Grant, and her management team on the significant improvement achieved in respect of positive destinations for 2015/16 which, at 95.6%, was above both the Highland and Scottish average for the first time.  This is a pleasing and notable reflection of the strong leadership and management at the School and is a good news story for Caithness

Over the past three academic years the levels of pupils leaving Wick High School with positive destinations has steadily increased from 88.1% in 2013/14 to 95.6% in 2015/16. Positive destinations can mean a variety of outcomes including pupils going onto Higher or Further Education, Training employment, voluntary work, or activity agreements.

Caithness Committee Chair Cllr Donnie Mackay said: “Clearly we are doing a good job here in Caithness for our young people as the Wick High School percentage of positive destinations for over 16 year olds is higher in Wick at 95.6% than both the Highland and Scottish school leavers average which are at 94.9% and 93.3% respectively.”

An update was also provided on High Life Highland facilities and services within the associated school group area of Wick covering Wick Swimming Pool, St Fergus Galley, Wick Library, Wick High School Library, Far North Mobile Library, North Highland Archive Centre, Caithness Broch Centre, Wick Assembly Room, sport pitches; the Active Schools Coordinator, Youth Development Officer and Adult Learning

Cllr Mackay added: “I am delighted to hear that over 164,000 customer visits were made to High Life Highland facilities in the Wick schools’ area excluding sports pitches which bodes well for helping to keep our community active, engaged and healthy.”


Posted on 1st Sept 2017

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